Where am I lacking consistency?

Where am I lacking consistency?

Do you honestly ask yourself that? Honestly. Consistency is the key to achieving anything. The crucial key. Everything builds on everything else on the road to creation.

Generally, we don’t have skill issues, we have choice and commitment and follow through issues. Be committed, don’t just check things off of a list! There is a huge body of research put there that being born with absolute talent is a myth. The thing that makes a person successful is practice, furthermore, perfect practice…many of us opt for giving up and believing it is just luck or simply a gift we don’t have that is keeping us from a desire, when it really is as simple as getting hyper focused and consistent in our efforts, practice and follow through that we need to do.

Fast tracking to consistency and creation in our lives:

  • good choices, good habits
  • think less, do more-be able to just go thru it and do it, it’s a habit!
  • practice more
  • if it’s hard, sign up
  • if it’s scary, do the highest level
  • ask more
  • complain never
  • share your ideas, not your valuable time
  • worry less
  • trust more
  • Remember the demons (even demons have to sleep, it’s going to pass, it’s going to change)

Honestly ask yourself, “At what point did I decide that somebody else was going to: take The spot intended for me, Have the dream I want, do what I want to do?!”. Why did you give up? How would everything change for you if you knew that it could all change if you just leaned in, focused and stayed consistent in everything you did? Wow! Whew, that takes off so much pressure!

Life moves as you move. Be consistent.