* Rockstar Confidence & Sales

Month 1: Personal Power, Presence and Your Body

Movement, Posture, Embodiment
Personal Power~Feminine Power
Presence=Abundance and Money
Vision, Dreams and Goals

Month 2: YOU are your answer!

Clarity in Messaging
Sales is simply...

Month 3: Self-Love is the Feminine

What is this Self-Love thing, anyway!?
What does it have to do with business!?
Life as Art-you get to choose!

Month 4: BEing seen or BEing invisible

Scarcity, Money, Diet/Nutrition, Intuition, Weight
Your willingness to be seen and to see yourself shows up everywhere in your life and business
Self-care=Confidence and Feminine Power
Confidence is the biggest factor in creating abundance and wealth

Month 5: Feminine/Masculine blend IS Captivating Presence!

Feminine-Inward Energy-Emotional
~holding space, softness, waiting, patience, beauty, inspiration, empathy, intuition, confidence, motivated, nuanced, going deeper, feeling, knowing, moods, gut, trusting, believing, vulnerable
Masculine-External Energy-Intellectual
~action, focus, train-track, thinking, analyzing, studying, intellectualizing, justifying, evaluating, rationalizing, realistic, logical, research, implementation, force, controlling
This fluid balance is crucial for building a rock-solid business.

Month 6: Integration

Love your Body, Rock your Life.
Where are you?
What is next?
Where are you going?
Who are you being?

OPTION ONE: early bird price
One Payment of $1700 SAVE $100

OPTION TWO: early bird price
Six Payments of $300 for a total of $1800.
OPTION THREE: regular price
Six payments of $350 for a total of $2100.

I am so Grateful

"I really struggled with signing up for "RockStar Confidence and Sales" because I didn’t feel like I was ready to start my business. In this group, I learned it was alright to be in the space I was in. This was not just about sales, it was about working through my emotional blocks in order to start my business. When we began, I had a lot of health issues related to breathing. Tracy helped me to realize, a lot of my health issues were energetic. By working through the blocks, I set for myself, I now have more confidence in myself than I have had for years. My health is better, I am more active then I have been for a long time. I determined many years ago, what I wanted to do in my life to help people, but I put it away somewhere deep inside me so I could focus on helping to provide for my family. After meeting with this group, it is no longer hiding deep inside me. I now have the confidence to work toward my dreams and make it a reality. I am so grateful to have shared this experience with such a wonderful group of women." ~Heather