* Rockstar Confidence & Sales

Month 1: Personal Power, Presence and Your Body

Movement, Posture, Embodiment
Personal Power~Feminine Power
Presence=Abundance and Money
Vision, Dreams and Goals
What are your pieces?
How are you different?

Month 2: YOU are your answer!

Clarity in Messaging
Get clear about how you are different and build around that
Sales is simply...

Month 3: Self-Love is the Feminine

What is this Self-Love thing, anyway!?
What does it have to do with business!?
Self-care=Confidence and Feminine Power
Life as Art-you get to choose!
Sales from Self and Other Love and Respect

Month 4: BEing seen or BEing invisible

Scarcity, Money, Diet/Nutrition, Intuition, Weight
How Scarcity Stops business Growth and Successful Sales
Your willingness to be seen and to see yourself shows up everywhere in your life and business
Fear of Missing Out, Fear of Not Being Enough, Staying in a Known/Stuck Situation for Fear of the Unknown
Confidence is the biggest factor in creating abundance and wealth

Month 5: Feminine/Masculine blend IS Captivating Presence!

Feminine-Inward Energy-Emotional
~holding space, softness, waiting, patience, beauty, inspiration, empathy, intuition, confidence, motivated, nuanced, going deeper, feeling, knowing, moods, gut, trusting, believing, vulnerable
Masculine-External Energy-Intellectual
~action, focus, train-track, thinking, analyzing, studying, intellectualizing, justifying, evaluating, rationalizing, realistic, logical, research, implementation, force, controlling
This fluid balance is crucial for building a rock-solid business.

Month 6: Integration

Love your Body, Rock your Life.
Where are you?
What is next?
Where are you going?
Who are you being?

OPTION ONE: early bird price
One Payment of $1700 SAVE $100

OPTION TWO: early bird price
Six Payments of $300 for a total of $1800.
OPTION THREE: regular price
Six payments of $350 for a total of $2100.

I am so Grateful

"I really struggled with signing up for "RockStar Confidence and Sales" because I didn’t feel like I was ready to start my business. In this group, I learned it was alright to be in the space I was in. This was not just about sales, it was about working through my emotional blocks in order to start my business. When we began, I had a lot of health issues related to breathing. Tracy helped me to realize, a lot of my health issues were energetic. By working through the blocks, I set for myself, I now have more confidence in myself than I have had for years. My health is better, I am more active then I have been for a long time. I determined many years ago, what I wanted to do in my life to help people, but I put it away somewhere deep inside me so I could focus on helping to provide for my family. After meeting with this group, it is no longer hiding deep inside me. I now have the confidence to work toward my dreams and make it a reality. I am so grateful to have shared this experience with such a wonderful group of women." ~Heather