Rock Your Life!

Rockstar Confidence and Business

Would you agree that your self-confidence and your presence in a room effect your business success?

Do you know that your core confidence in yourself effects your communication skills, which determine your leadership and sales effectiveness?

What if you could be the listened to, respected and successful businesswoman who gets things done without losing yourself?!


Here’s the deal:

Sales is simply: You need something, I have what you need, I can help you, here’s how.  In truth, this is the basis for all business relationships. 

Confidence: This gets them to talk to you and interested in your products or services.  Learning to communicate from your internal clarity and calm strength is a game changer.

Presence: The secret sauce that closes the sale. Presence reflects your Internal Abundance; nobody wants to buy from a pushy, inauthentic salesperson operating from scarcity!

Creativity and innovation are crucial for entrepreneurs to get ahead of their competition.

The 5 characteristics of a rockstar leader and businessperson are personal energy, inspirational energy, passion, decisiveness and execution. When we connect deeply to ourselves and operate from our unique, authentic place of personal power, we become the rockstars that draw the best out of our prospects, clients and teams, in turn creating high levels of productivity.

What if we truly move through our everyday life curious to hear people’s untold stories?

What If you choose to see the connection that we have with each person and act from that connection? The differences we think are real would dissolve and we could truly create change!

What if instead of waiting for others to be vulnerable and share who they are, WE LEAD and go first? Then what magic will we create?!

What if your answer to building your business, rocking your speaking gigs, having powerful conversations and creating more income was right under your nose and you didn’t even know it?! Discover how to tap into the most powerful resource you already possess and immediately start delivering results!

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Month 1: Personal Power, Confidence, Posture, Presence


  • Presence=Abundance
  • Personal Power~Passion~4 Agreements
  • What IS Presence?  
How are you seeing you?
  • Presence vs. Body Language
  • What would change if you became that woman that you look at and want what she has?
  • How are you being seen or not seen?
 How is it effecting your life, messaging and business?
  • Impeccability, Confidence, Vulnerability and Beauty
  • Professionally Empowered and Personally Grounded: You can’t be a Rockstar Leader or Salesperson and be EQ deficient
  • What do you truly want: life, body and business?
  • Vision, Dreams and Goals


Month 2:
YOU are your answer: Self-Awareness, Presence

  • Boundaries
  • Clarity effects your message: Connection, Communication
  • What is your message?
  • Clarity effects your sales
  • Sales—Confidence—Presence: Truth
  • Where are you getting tripped up?
 Do you believe in you?  
Would you buy from you?
  • Look at your normal day, where is the stress?
 Where is it clear that you are not being that woman you want to be? What is your biggest pain? Do you truly listen to what is being said rather than react our of old, not needed pain that prevents communication clarity?
  • How we do everything is how we do everything
  • Awareness and Dancing through life
  • Everything changes when you change your relationship with yourself

Month 3: Self-Love is Clarity

  • What is this Self-Love thing, anyway!?
  • Gratitude
  • Tolerations
  • Vulnerability with Self First!
  • Surrender
  • Awareness, Dancing through Life and Life as Art
  • What are you tolerating that if you stopped, it would free up so much space for you to create what you want? 
What guilt, worry and shame are you carrying around that is taking up energy stopping you from reaching your dreams and goals?
  • How much more money could you create for yourself if you changed your presence and self-confidence?
  • Presence=Abundance in all ways and most people don’t think of it that way…
  • When we change how we love ourselves, we attract the same. Self-Love expands our capacity to allow everything in.
  • Where can you take care of you better? When we change how we honor and take care of ourselves, we attract our ideal clients and followers who honor what we offer.
  • Where do you not honor you?
  • Confidence is the biggest factor in creating abundance and wealth: Desire+Decision=Confidence

Month 4: BEing seen or BEing invisible


  • Food/Nutrition, Intuition, Weight, Money, Scarcity
  • How are you showing up for you?
 Your willingness to be seen and to see yourself shows up everywhere in your life and business
  • Self-care: 
How your self-care effects your business
What is your self-care routine?
  • Each person’s clarity (taking things personally, not clarifying, Old pain, limiting beliefs, etc)
  • Being Grounded-1) Being in your body, creating in this world 2) Someone who is grounded makes wise decisions for themselves.  
We are all human and make mistakes…how grounded you are determines your business success…
  • Don’t hire a marketing or salesperson until you get good at them, then you will know what good is and be confident in knowing that you know.
  • Where do you need help?
  Where are you losing the sale?
  • Vulnerability-Always with self first
  • The greater the risk of Vulnerability, the greater the reward in your life. How do you hide your vulnerability?
  • When we change our self-care, we simply attract what honors us into our life, including our ideal clients and followers.
How is you not honoring you showing up in your life?
  • How nutrition effects our self-confidence and vice versa
  • What is your relationship to food, money, weight and body image?
  • Listening is key to building your business.
  Listening is Emotional Intelligence.  Listening is the key to inspired, right action.
  Do you listen?
  • Scarcity- FOMO, Fear of not being good enough, fear of judgement, Fear of not being enough, Fear of there not being enough…


Month 5: Feminine/Masculine blend IS Captivating Presence!

  • Feminine-Inward Energy-Emotional Intelligence~holding space, softness, waiting, patience, beauty, inspiration, empathy, intuition, confidence, motivated, nuanced, going deeper, feeling, knowing, moods, gut, trusting, believing, vulnerable
  • Masculine-External Energy-Intellectual Intelligence~action, focus, train-track, thinking, analyzing, studying, intellectualizing, justifying, evaluating, rationalizing, realistic, logical, research, implementation, force, controlling
  • Do you take things personally and get your feelings hurt instead of listening and clarifying to have effective communication?
  • This fluid balance is crucial for building a rock-solid business.
  • Intention+Attention+Action=Creation.

Month 6: Integration
, Love your Body, Rock your Life.

  • 3 Interested Doors. Issues:
    1) buying but not repeating-delivery issue
    2) Not closing-sales process
    3) Not interested-Messaging and Marketing
  • Clarity
  • Messaging
  • Revisit Vision, Dreams and Goals
  • Where are you? Where are you going? Who are you being?