Love your Body. Love yourSelf. Love your Life.: Love your Body.

Love your Body. Love yourSelf. Love your Life.

I have been developing and refining my business and my own stand alone brand for the last 3 years. I can tell you, it is quite a journey and it’s not for the faint of heart. There are many many times along the way that I wanted to give up…I wanted a break…I wanted some help…I didn’t want to do it any more, in any way shape or form, any-more. Having and developing ones own business and personality brand is a 24/7 job and one doesn’t get a break.

It’s a constant: refining of my message (within myself and in the world at large), learning of new things that I had no idea how to do previously, pushing of my edges, continuous noticing of what I’m doing…all of my interactions with people…how I can improve personally and professionally…what I need to shift and what’s really not mine to begin with…an unending challenging of my comfort zones and rewiring of long entrenched beliefs and old stuff in my way.

Along the way, I have learned literally countless things.

One big learning and embodying I’ve gained is the understanding of one of my Tag lines: Love your Body. Love yourSelf. Love your Life. I have come to understand that there is this absolute delicate balance with this piece for all of us. Let’s take each piece of this statement and explore…

Love your Body. I feel there is a big disconnect with what this means for many many people. I have noticed the association with this reference is to just let ones body be, no matter how healthy and fit it is in general. NOW, my evolved understanding of this is that while it is not necessarily about the size or weight of someone’s body, it is absolutely the journey and self-expression of what makes one feel great in one’s body.

1) It is imperative that we exercise and move our bodies to be healthy. For some people, this is cross-fit…for some it is dancing…for some running marathons…for some it is pilates. Learning what is best for you is loving YOUR body.

2) It is imperative that we find what works best for us in our eating choices. for some people this is Paleo…for some it is whole grains and lots of veggies…for some it is doing a diet and body cleanse whenever they are feeling that they need to. There is no one way for everyBody and intuitively finding what your body craves to be at it’s optimum best is you loving YOUR body.

3) It is imperative that you come to know when u need a break and when other people are projecting their beliefs about you and how you do your life (which are actually a direct reflection of their own beliefs about themselves in some way) onto you. (believe me, I have gotten really really good at this one! If I can help you discover this for yourself, please let me know!). Get really good at listening to your own knowing about when you just need to stop…when u need to slow down…when u need to go full on in every way…and if maybe in general, you and your body can just go and have more of a capacity for everything and lots of energy than someone else does…Or maybe you have less…

In conclusion, it’s all about you becoming clear in listening to your Body. Become confident that it will not lie to you or steer you wrong if you listen and trust. The path to Embodied Confidence is getting really clear on knowing that you know: body, mind and soul.

Next week we will play with what it is to “Love yourSelf.” Have fun developing what your own “Love your Body.” is!