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Guts & Grace: Be Bold For Yourself


Guts and Grace. Whole Life Integration with Tracy Revell


Love Your Body. Rock Your Life.


What if there is a way to connect the dots for yourself and begin to move toward the things you want most in life: more money, deep and satisfying love, vibrant energy and health…? No matter how long you’ve struggled and even if everything else you’ve tried has failed… In my 30 years of showing people how to have massive breakthroughs in their lives, the secret I have discovered is this: The FASTEST path to the love you want and the money you deserve runs right through your body and to deeply connecting to your internal Feminine.


Tired of dead-end relationships? The answer is in your body. Wonder why every career you choose ends up being just blah or your efforts to build a thriving business never get you where you want to be? Your body will tell you why you are stuck. If you’ve been struggling with the same self-sabotaging behaviors keeping you from the things you yearn for: the answer isn’t just in your attitudes…OR your mindset…it’s in your body.


Now there is a program that can show you the way to unlock what’s stopping you. “Guts and Grace:  Love your Body.  Rock your Life.” is a virtual 6-month program empowering you to create a Body, Mind, Emotion, Spirit Lifestyle. By discovering what is stopping you and committing to change it, you will find solutions to break the cycle and bring in better health, more money, improved relationships and more love.


What’s in it for you?


  • Identify root causes keeping from what you want in your life.
  • Understand how your thoughts and beliefs directly effect your physical health.
  • Learn whole new ways of taking care of yourself that work for you!
  • Let go of your fear and bring in what you want for you and your body.
  • Experience how your physical movement and posture effect everything you do.
  • Change your presence in the world to explode money and abundance.
  • Be stronger in your relationships by connecting deeply to your internal Feminine and yourself.
  • Once and for all, destroy self-sabotaging habits stopping you from more money, more love and more joy!


The Guts and Grace program:


  • Beginning Group Focus and Intentions Call with all participants
  • Love Your Body. Rock Your Life. Welcome Kit
    • Personal Journal
    • Laminated Copy of the “Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz
    • Laminated Copy of the poem “The Invitation” by Oriah Mountain
    • Dreamer
    • Angel inspiration card deck and book by Kimberly Marooney
    • Guts and Grace exclusive instructional movement videos
    • “What are your Exercise and Eating Personalities?” by Kerry Marrifino
    • “Love your Body, Dress for Your Body Shape.” Guidelines by LoriAnne Reeves
    • “Guidelines for Creating Sacred Soul Spaces.”
    • Guts and Grace card deck and book by Tracy Revell
    • “Creating Amazing, Connected Relationships” by Alexis Davina.
  • Kick-Start, Half-way and Integration Individual Sessions with Tracy Revell
  • Group Sessions with Alexis Davina, Kerry Marrifino and Kimberly Pearce-Truitt
  • Individual 30 minute session with Kerry Marrifino: Body, Food and Confidence Contributor
  • Individual 30 minute session with Emotional Body, Soul and Environment Contributor
  • 2 Group sessions with Kimberly Marooney: Angel Reader and Minister
  • 3 Monthly Group Meetings
  • Ongoing interaction with Tracy, all participants and all contributors in the Private Facebook forum
  • Weekly Inspirational Messages
  • Weekly Movement Check-ins
  • Ongoing Access to Ideas and Tips from Kimberly Marooney, Kerry Marrifino and 
  • Private Guts and Grace Facebook Forum for constant support


This program will support you in creating create a Body, Mind, Emotion, Spirit integrated life that WORKS for you, adds Joy to your life, gives you the clarity needed to create a profitable business and increases your Confidence in your body and yourself. Our next Guts & Grace Program begins end of November 2018.




This course is available for people anywhere!




OPTION ONE: Pay in Full


One easy payment of $1995
Contact Tracy for payment plan options!


Our next Guts & Grace Program begins the end of Novemberber 2018.