Your Roadmap to More Money in your Life, Success with Clients and JOY in Your Life

Unlock Your Success: How to Move to Having More Money in your Business, Success with Clients and Joy in Your Life

Your Posture and how Present you are in your Body communicates to the world who you are and how you feel about yourself. How much better would your life be if you spent more time completely present? What could you create for yourself, your body, your life, your business and your money flow?

There are a few things that keep most of us disconnected from having all of this and 3 must haves that will change the course of everything if you implement them.

Close your eyes. Check in with yourself. Notice how you feel right now: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Right here, right now. Come up with maybe 2 words to describe it. Write it down.

Now, sit up really tall, head over chest over pelvis and feel your butt sitting on the chair. Take a deep breath. So think back to how you felt when you were just closing your eyes. Notice how you feel right now. 2 Words. Write that down. How Does it feel different? Write that down.

Your posture and how PRESENT you are in your body communicates who you are and how you feel about yourself with everyone you meet. So another question for you: What IS Presence?

How do YOU define Presence? “It is a grounding and harmony in this very moment; it is a physical alertness, emotional acceptance, a spiritual awaereness and union with what is in front of us in the here and now; it is vital consciousness to who we are and what we are sensing; it is a mindfulness to what it meaningful.”

How much better would your life be if you spent more time completely present and taking care of yourself and your body in all ways? How much better would your life be if you spent more time in this second state?

What could you create for Yourself, Your Body, Your Life, Your Business, your Money Flows!?

Now, pick one thing that you want to change. It can be in your body, your life, your relationships, your business…just one thing. Write it down cuz if u don’t write it down, it’s just a wish! What could you change in 30 days? 90? 180?

This 4 part series will give you the key to what is keeping you disconnected from more money in your business, more success with your clients and in many ways, everything in your life, as well as the 3 must haves that will empower you to create this thing you just identified for yourself and change the course of your business if you implement them.

What I talk about and empower clients to do is very different than anything else you are going to hear about and I dare say very different than anything ANYBODY else will teach you to do. There are an endless number of people out there telling you to “love yourself and your body”. I HAVE DISCOVERED MANY PEOPLE DON’T KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS! How can you be expected to just DO something you have no idea how to do or what it even means?!

I teach you what this really means and HOW to be and do it and to MOVE your body in ways and A way that YOUR body needs, even in that ONE second, and no other time! THAT is what is going to change your body and your life, playing and working with what IS, not fighting it and looking for ways or A way outside of you that doesn’t work for you OR your Body! Stay tuned, I can’t wait to share all of this with you!

Much Love xoxoxo

Where am I lacking consistency?

Where am I lacking consistency?

Do you honestly ask yourself that? Honestly. Consistency is the key to achieving anything. The crucial key. Everything builds on everything else on the road to creation.

Generally, we don’t have skill issues, we have choice and commitment and follow through issues. Be committed, don’t just check things off of a list! There is a huge body of research put there that being born with absolute talent is a myth. The thing that makes a person successful is practice, furthermore, perfect practice…many of us opt for giving up and believing it is just luck or simply a gift we don’t have that is keeping us from a desire, when it really is as simple as getting hyper focused and consistent in our efforts, practice and follow through that we need to do.

Fast tracking to consistency and creation in our lives:

  • good choices, good habits
  • think less, do more-be able to just go thru it and do it, it’s a habit!
  • practice more
  • if it’s hard, sign up
  • if it’s scary, do the highest level
  • ask more
  • complain never
  • share your ideas, not your valuable time
  • worry less
  • trust more
  • Remember the demons (even demons have to sleep, it’s going to pass, it’s going to change)

Honestly ask yourself, “At what point did I decide that somebody else was going to: take The spot intended for me, Have the dream I want, do what I want to do?!”. Why did you give up? How would everything change for you if you knew that it could all change if you just leaned in, focused and stayed consistent in everything you did? Wow! Whew, that takes off so much pressure!

Life moves as you move. Be consistent.

You have to risk and get out of your own way to create what you want!

I am sitting at the airport waiting standby to get on a flight because I missed my flight 12 hours earlier. Not the best use of my day and I have to admit that the day of not doing anything has been needed.

3 weeks ago, I started considering selling my house. Within days, I decided to do it. It made sense in absolutely every way: the market is crazy hot and it would sell at a huge profit for me in a matter of days (which it did), I could use that money to have breathing room and to invest in myself and my business, bringing me even more money in the long run, I could invest a hug chunk of it and grow it even more then buy back in within a few years, I couldn’t afford to do all of the things I want to do and that really need to be done to my house…on and on. There’s just one problem: I absolutely love my house and my yard and I am extremely attached to it.

To say the last few weeks have been emotionally tumultuous is perhaps an understatement. This letting go process has been extremely difficult. You see, I have never had any real stability in my life. My life has been a very long series of having to let go, and not little things, of big things…my mother before I was 10, living in 5 different houses before graduating from high school, the money I inherited from my grandfather upon starting college, the sweet sweet boyfriend I had in my 20s and who was possibly my only stability in my life (but I knew I just wasn’t supposed to be with), the rest of the money I inherited from my grandfather upon his wife’s death during my marriage, letting go of the house in California that I loved, my marriage, my job giving that i me stability here in Colorado, my Bella, and now, I’m voluntarily letting go of my house here…the only place I know I belong and that absolutely belongs to me…it seems that my life in all ways has absolutely been a process of unbecoming and it having significance on

Of course, all of these letting gos all eventually led to another piece for me, another evolution, another path into something else…AND this one is excruciating for me. I absolutely feel like I am being ripped part on the inside. Of course, when the decision was made, I took action, I had some repairs done that needed to be done, I took to cleaning then completely detailing my house while it was completely torn up with the workers there, then we got It listed, then we had to decide on which offer to accept…all the while, I was torn at the knowing that I was consciously choosing to let go of my beloved house, even if it absolutely makes absolute rational sense…the decision is ripping me up inside. My body, heart and mind are absolutely exhausted and my body feels completely off kilter.

AND I choose it. I choose growth, I choose more, I choose my next step, over and over and over…it’s the only way…for me, it is the only way for my life, myself and my body…

For everyBody, it is the only way to move into what YOU want, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It is the only way for growth and change and stepping into what’s next and moving into what’s next for you. Many people don’t choose it. It’s all a choice, how badly do u want it?

Life moves as u move!!!

Love your Body. Love yourSelf. Love your Life.: Love your Life.

Love Your Life. Do you love your life? Do you even know what that means? Do you know what that means for you? It is literally different for everyone. As different as each of our Bodies are, as different as each of our Authentic Selves are, it is different.

Now, my question is: Is it truly possible to love your life if you are not comfortable and confident in your body and in your authentic self? In my opinion, NO. I have so many women come to meet with me and I have them really drop in and find what they want for themselves in their lives. I would say close to 100% of them start to tell me what they want in their bodies: to be stronger, to change their sugar addiction, to have less pain in their bodies, to feel like they CAN do the activities they want to do in their lives. Our bodies are our vehicles for how our souls show up in our lives. Period. It is what we are physically put on this earth in and the Body, Mind and Soul/Authentic Self are absolutely co-existent, they cannot be separated, period. Movement, posture, how we take care of our bodies, etc., is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves.

What do you really want in your life? The fastest path to a great life is through your body. Change your relationship to your body, change your life. Get down to the CORE of all of you: Body, Mind, Soul and HAVE it all for yourself!

We have to have self-love and self-acceptance for our bodies and our authentic selves to have that down to our core, in every cell, every part of us…every part of our life. Self-love and self-acceptance looks and feels different for everyone. Choosing in every second, every instance, every piece of our lives what is best for us in that particular situation can change and very often SHOULD. Staying fluid, staying open, listening, sensing, being vulnerable and absolutely being fierce with our needs and wants is crucial to the journey and into truly loving our lives…bodies…authentic selves…

What do you want? Do you know? I would be honored to help you on your journey to finding it and even more so to witness you stepping into EMBODYING and LIVING it!

Love your Body. Love yourSelf. Love your Life.: Love yourSelf.

I feel like there is so much misunderstanding around what it is to really love and take care of yourself.

Loving yourself is and respecting and honoring yourself. Definition of Respecting: Feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities or achievements.
Definition of Honoring: Regard with great respect. Fulfilling an obligation or keeping an agreement.

1) Do you respect yourself? Do you have deep admiration for yourself? Do you recognize your awesome abilities, qualities or achievements? We all have things that are fundamental gifts for us to share with the world. Have you recognized yours for your own amazingness to give to the world? Have you seen and witnessed your own unique qualities that make you you? We are all way too hard on ourselves and other people will often see our amazingness and give us so much credit but we don’t give it to ourselves at all! Can you sit down and recognize your achievements or is it challenging for you to even look past your criticism of yourself to see the beauty in you life and yourself? Think about these things…tell yourself the truth and start to really move into the respect and love of yourself…

2) Do you Honor yourself? Do you regard and TREAT yourself with great respect? Do you have deep admiration for yourself, just for being yourself? If not, why not? You deserve it! You are amazing and beautiful, just as you are! Know it, own it, love it! Do you fulfill obligations and agreements that you have made for yourself with yourself? Do you plan to go do something for you and then you back out and do something for someone else instead? Why? Don’t you matter just as much as they do? Maybe more…also…keeping agreements with yourself makes you more in integrity and more reliable energetically, which is really what we all want to portray in the world when we go help them anyway…

Love yourSelf. Take care of your Spirit and Soul. Take care of your Body, what our Souls show up in in this life and how we express ourselves and what we feel and think about ourselves in this life…Love all of you: “the good, the bad and the ugly”. We all come into this life with gifts and challenges and most often, our biggest challenges are are our biggest gifts…Love it all, own it all, BE it all! You already are anyway, so embrace it and wear it proudly! Embodied Confidence! You CAN do it! Know you can! Let me know if I can help you. I am here to serve…

Love your Body. Love yourSelf. Love your Life.: Love your Body.

Love your Body. Love yourSelf. Love your Life.

I have been developing and refining my business and my own stand alone brand for the last 3 years. I can tell you, it is quite a journey and it’s not for the faint of heart. There are many many times along the way that I wanted to give up…I wanted a break…I wanted some help…I didn’t want to do it any more, in any way shape or form, any-more. Having and developing ones own business and personality brand is a 24/7 job and one doesn’t get a break.

It’s a constant: refining of my message (within myself and in the world at large), learning of new things that I had no idea how to do previously, pushing of my edges, continuous noticing of what I’m doing…all of my interactions with people…how I can improve personally and professionally…what I need to shift and what’s really not mine to begin with…an unending challenging of my comfort zones and rewiring of long entrenched beliefs and old stuff in my way.

Along the way, I have learned literally countless things.

One big learning and embodying I’ve gained is the understanding of one of my Tag lines: Love your Body. Love yourSelf. Love your Life. I have come to understand that there is this absolute delicate balance with this piece for all of us. Let’s take each piece of this statement and explore…

Love your Body. I feel there is a big disconnect with what this means for many many people. I have noticed the association with this reference is to just let ones body be, no matter how healthy and fit it is in general. NOW, my evolved understanding of this is that while it is not necessarily about the size or weight of someone’s body, it is absolutely the journey and self-expression of what makes one feel great in one’s body.

1) It is imperative that we exercise and move our bodies to be healthy. For some people, this is cross-fit…for some it is dancing…for some running marathons…for some it is pilates. Learning what is best for you is loving YOUR body.

2) It is imperative that we find what works best for us in our eating choices. for some people this is Paleo…for some it is whole grains and lots of veggies…for some it is doing a diet and body cleanse whenever they are feeling that they need to. There is no one way for everyBody and intuitively finding what your body craves to be at it’s optimum best is you loving YOUR body.

3) It is imperative that you come to know when u need a break and when other people are projecting their beliefs about you and how you do your life (which are actually a direct reflection of their own beliefs about themselves in some way) onto you. (believe me, I have gotten really really good at this one! If I can help you discover this for yourself, please let me know!). Get really good at listening to your own knowing about when you just need to stop…when u need to slow down…when u need to go full on in every way…and if maybe in general, you and your body can just go and have more of a capacity for everything and lots of energy than someone else does…Or maybe you have less…

In conclusion, it’s all about you becoming clear in listening to your Body. Become confident that it will not lie to you or steer you wrong if you listen and trust. The path to Embodied Confidence is getting really clear on knowing that you know: body, mind and soul.

Next week we will play with what it is to “Love yourSelf.” Have fun developing what your own “Love your Body.” is!