Helping you Navigate Body, Mind, Heart and Soul

What if there is a way to remove the frustrating blocks to the things you want most in life: more money, deep and satisfying love, vibrant energy and health? No matter how long you've struggled and even if everything else you've tried has failed...what if there really is a way?

In my 30 years of showing people how to have massive breakthroughs in their lives, the secret I have discovered is this: The FASTEST path to the love you want and the money you deserve runs right through your body. Tired of dead-end relationships? The answer is in your body. Wonder why every career you choose ends up being just blah or your efforts to build a thriving business never get you where you want to be? Your body will tell you why you are stuck.

If you've been struggling with the same self-sabotaging behaviors keeping you from the things you yearn for: the answer isn't just in your attitudes...OR your's in your body.

When you come from a confident, centered, authentic place...healing your body and your body's movement however that needs to happen, taking care of you on body-mind-emotion-soul levels, being willing to get real and vulnerable with yourself as well as real and vulnerable with others…that’s when you truly show up for YOURSELF and create Captivating Presence and Embodied Confidence!

"Love your Body. Rock your Life." It's WAY beyond body language. Learning to balance: internal and external, intuition and action, emotional and intellectual...the Feminine & Masculine blend embodied...that's how you create Captivating Presence and the Embodied Confidence to create a life that rocks!


Inspiring, fresh, and fun, Tracy Revell is an incredible speaker that will leave your audience moved and empowered within themselves and their lives. To learn more about Tracy’s speaking visit our speaker page and let’s chat.

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It's in the tools we grant ourselves that we grow stronger to move through and into success! Do things seem happen over and over and you know you want something better. I have the tools to help you get deeper and help yourself.

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Do you know what it is? It begins at your soul and then it stops the voices that hold you back. I teach you to value yourself and hear the voices. Treat yourself to learning life skills that WILL rock your world? I share loving wisdom.

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I never liked the word "coach". To me, I feel what I do when I work with someone it is so much more because I find what you need and help you get there. Learn to enjoy each day and empower yourself with movement.

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