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When women embrace their feminine centered creativity and emotional intelligence, balanced with masculine focus and action, they excel in every way in their lives. It creates a confident, powerful presence that attracts their ideal clients, makes them superior leaders, and delivers extraordinary performance. Since creativity and innovation are crucial for entrepreneurs and companies to get and stay ahead of their competition, empowering women to develop these aspects of themselves is crucial.

Five characteristics of an outstanding leader: powerful personal presence, inspirational energy, core confidence, intuition/empathy, and execution. Women naturally possess these qualities and are more participative, able to intuit situations from all angles and less combative when they are coming from their inherent feminine power. I teach women to connect deeply to themselves so that they operate from this authentic place of power, consistently exceeding expectations and being leaders that draw the best out of their teams, in turn delivering high levels of productivity.

When you live from a confident, connected and authentic place, taking care of you on body-mind-emotion-soul levels, getting real with yourself as well as with others…that’s where the magic happens! The answer isn't just in your attitudes...OR your's in your body. Living your best possible life comes when you integrate mindset changes, attitude adjustments, power posture and taking care of your body to enable you to operate at peak levels! This work is perfect for the business woman who knows she has it in her and is ready to take it all the way. This work is for every woman who is ready to live a centered and powerful life. This work goes WAY beyond body language. Balancing your personal power with smart business acumen, self-care with work commitment, intuition and action, emotional and intellectual intelligence...your Masculine and Feminine personalities...that's how you create Captivating Presence and the Embodied Confidence to be more effective everywhere in your life.

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Beyond Beautiful and Brave - Playshop~2/17/18

Women have been gathering in circle together for eons. That ritual and the need for us to connect in this way lives in our souls and in our DNA.

That said, everything about us shows up in our bodies and in our movement in one way or another. Our presence in this world=our abundance and personal power within ourselves in all ways and most people don’t think of it that way…

Within all of us, Feminine power is true embodied, centered, strong and patient personal power. It is actually opposite of the “picking up a sword to fight against the patriarchy and its oppression of women” energy that has been shoved down our throats as the way to live in our inherent strength.

So here’s the deal: how we show up in our lives reflects how we are showing up for ourselves. When we change how we do us, we change our lives. Changing your consciousness, presence and inner confidence are the KEY. It’s simple really, everything outside of ourselves is a reflection of what’s inside ourselves. You hear this all the time and do you really believe it?!

In this playshop, we will weave together a powerful experience being in circle together, with movement and by exploring our own personal Feminine power. You will leave with an absolutely individual experience of how you do you and how you can empower yourself to choose and change…

What would change if you had the support to change all of the stuff stuck inside your body? What would change if you found a better way to communicate all of you and had the support to keep you growing and moving forward in this journey? What would change if you were the woman who lived in her power all of the time? How could you transform your relationships, body, and life if you knew that someone or someones had your back?

Where: Pilates Essentia, 1776 S. Jackson St., #100, Denver, Co.
When: 2/17/18 1-4


Inspiring, fresh, and fun, Tracy Revell is an incredible speaker that will leave your audience moved and empowered within themselves and their lives. To learn more about Tracy’s speaking visit our speaker page and let’s chat.

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It's in the tools we grant ourselves that we grow stronger to move through and into success! Do things seem happen over and over and you know you want something better. I have the tools to help you get deeper and help yourself.

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Do you know what it is? It begins at your soul and then it stops the voices that hold you back. I teach you to value yourself and hear the voices. Treat yourself to learning life skills that WILL rock your world? I share loving wisdom.

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I never liked the word "coach". To me, I feel what I do when I work with someone it is so much more because I find what you need and help you get there. Learn to enjoy each day and empower yourself with movement.

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